Was I the last person on Earth to join Facebook?

IMG_0250How long ago did you hear about Facebook? Five years? Ten years? I was not sure when it first launched so i had to google it. 2004. Why did it take me 13 years to be interested in social media and why now?

While I know I am not the first one to adopt new technology, I am definitely not averse to it. Maybe I needed some time. In reality, I did not see the benefits of social media except for staying in touch with friends. I was often asked to share my FB account and I proudly said “well, I don’t have one… I know, I must be the last one!” After a while it became an identity “the one that does not have a FB account” so I kept at it. A few years later I had the chance to study people’s online behavior from the researcher point of view and what I discovered was… not that inspiring. At that time, the decision of NOT joining Facebook cemented in my mind. What changed?

My dear mom. This Christmas we gave my mom a tablet and a smartphone for her own use. My mom is in her 60’s and had a 30 year long successful career in the telecommunication industry from which she retired in 2000. Since then, she lost touch with the online boom. She was equally excited and overwhelmed at the prospect of learning the “touch screen” devices. For about a week, I showed her how to use a touchscreen, what the circle button and left arrow meant [Android] how to navigate YouTube, how to use WhatApp,  Skype or how to play Solitaire. It was a humbling experience because it made me realize, one day, I would be in her position. What if I turn 60 and I lose track of where the world is going?

And so… here I am trying to keep up with the world! Thanks mom!

Do you remember when you first joined FB?

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