The most unexpected place to get some rest

At the dentist! Yes.You read that right!

I know, I know, most of us think dentist visit = discomfort. I am not here to tell you otherwise, but… I found a pleasant surprise.

I have not had any major dental work done in quite a while, perhaps I got my last cavity filled before having kids.What changed between my last dentist visit and now? During my treatment today, I was no longer sitting up but instead, they kept tilting me down until laying flat on my back. Oh, what a nice surprise that was. Not only there was complete silence around me but also I found myself enjoying a five minute rest with no screaming, elbows in my eye or little baby monkeys jumping on my stomach. I tell you,  it was pure heaven!

Try it sometimes! Next time you find yourself at the dentist, ask them to leave your chair laying all the way back in a bed position while the anesthesia kicks in. You are going to love it! 🙂

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