Dear Disney… can you please help bilingual kids in the US and add more languages to your DVDs?

Hey Disney _ Jul 11 2017

As kids reach the preschool age, they become interested in Disney stories. To maintain our children’s’ interest in the minority languages, German and Romanian in our case, we’ve exposed our them to non-English Disney cartoons. The reason we like Disney is that we wanted our children to have similar pop culture references with the other kids around us so they can relate when interacting with them. Every year, family or friends visit us from Germany or Romania and the ONLY things we ask for the kids are books and DVDs in German and Romanian. For the last two years, we have been struggling to find Disney movies in German or Romanian in the US.

I know ships in the US for a fee and youtube is also a good source but we are running quickly out of options so DISNEY, PLEASE ADD MORE LANGUAGES TO YOUR DVDs SOLD IN THE US for all the bilingual kids that live in America!

While I know it’s a lot to expect Romanian as an option, I feel adding more international languages like German, Italian, Portuguese or Chinese in addition to Spanish and French would really help bilingual kids and minority parents who struggle with finding resources in the minority language. Do you agree?

Please share any tips you have so we can all benefit!

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